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About Us

Our team at Blackwood has a wealth of lived experience and a deep passion for helping families find harmony as they work through the intricacies and challenges of their family-owned enterprises. We work with you to identify the shared values that will shape your family’s vision for tomorrow’s desired state, then develop strategies and tools to help you get there, delivering solutions as unique as your family.

Our Values

Curiousity drives knowledge.

Innovation brings change.

Integrity builds trust.

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Dedicated. Experienced. Passionate.

The team at Blackwood shares one vision – to help families attain their desired future state. Together, we help enterprising families achieve major breakthroughs, become closer, and build their enterprises across generations. Strategic Harmony is our mission.

Our Team

Our Faculty

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Our Story

The name Blackwood is derived from the Mpingo tree, which is native to Africa. The tree grows slowly, producing some of the most durable and hardest wood in the world. Its dark heartwood is used to manufacture woodwind instruments such as clarinets, oboes, and bagpipes. The black wood of the Mpingo tree is known for its harmonic qualities, much like Blackwood Family Enterprise Services.

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