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One Vision

Blackwood Family Enterprise Services is proud to be home to some of Canada’s top family enterprise advisory professionals – people who are aligned in one vision: to help enterprising families create lasting harmony across generations. We are on a mission to build a centre of excellence for like-minded advisors. Our collaboration will enhance and inform our work, elevate our practice, and allow us to better serve our enterprising families for generations to come.

Why Work at Blackwood

Curiousity drives knowledge.

Innovation brings change.

Integrity builds trust.

Curiousity, innovation, integrity are Blackwood’s core values. They are the foundation of our shared culture.  

Personal Growth

At Blackwood we are committed to our people and their personal growth. Our culture is built on respect and commitment – to each other – our clients, society, and the environment.

Career Development

Blackwood’s goal is to become the pre-eminent Family Enterprise Services firm in Canada. If you are an FEA and you are looking for an opportunity to work and learn with some of the best in the industry, then Blackwood may be what you are looking for. 

Key Benefits

  • We are an industry leader.

  • We are a national firm.

  • We are smart, fun and caring!

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