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David Blom, CPA, ICD.D, FEA

COO | Senior Advisor

David Blom_3.tif

Inspired by working in his family’s glass construction company, David obtained a CA designation to help other enterprising families. Specializing in providing tax services, David has over 30 years of experience in providing estate and succession planning to enterprising families. Seeing how families and companies were negatively impacted by inadequate succession planning motivated David to obtain his FEA designation and develop his own enterprise advisory practice. 

Competence and caring

A skilled family enterprise advisor, David wants Blackwood’s enterprising families to develop a clear picture of their purpose and long-term vision. He is excited by the sense of calm and focus that a family gets when they see clarity in their future direction. Building from the big picture and working on the vital, but sometimes non-urgent matters, David helps families make consistent and better strategic decisions. His extensive experience in tax planning, governance, and business succession mean David can step back and look at all aspects of a problem or an opportunity and guide a plan that is specific to each family’s unique DNA. 

Passionate about conservation

David is a passionate outdoorsperson and conversationist. Raised with the attitude that we all have a responsibility to leave the land in a better state than we found it, David has a 30-year volunteer career with Ducks Unlimited Canada working to conserve wetlands and protect clean water. After serving as president, David retired as Chairman of the Board in 2022. 

David especially enjoys his time with his wife Joann, children, and grandchildren in Calgary and Nova Scotia. 

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