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Carley Piche

Client Experience Manager

Carley loves working with Blackwood families and finds the work particularly rewarding. She has a deep appreciation for familial traditions, histories, and the sacrifices that build each family business, coupled with a strong belief in respecting every individual's voice and needs. Blackwood's commitment to listening and tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements aligns perfectly with her personal values and approach.

With a diverse background in client services and administration, Carley brings a wealth of experience specializing in confidentiality, compliance, and governance. Her professional journey has centered around fostering excellence and delivering high standards while being part of collaborative teams that excel in complex problem-solving. Success to Carley is a continuous journey of progress, making daily strides and seeing each day as an opportunity to achieve your goals.

At Blackwood, her strengths shine as a professional hype woman, dedicated to building up individuals and promoting collective success. Carley thrives on teamwork and tackling intricate challenges, always striving to find effective solutions. Her approach is rooted in open communication, understanding, and adaptability, which she believes are essential for achieving success in any endeavor.

Recently, in starting and raising her own young family, Carley has begun to refocus on her passions. She is excited about the prospects of future camping trips, travel, and having everyday adventures where she can witness the world through the eyes of her children. As a competitive dodgeball player, Carley enjoys keeping active and is passionate about her personal health and mental well-being.

Carley is excited to bring her skills, passion, and dedication to the dynamic team at Blackwood, and contribute to meaningful growth and shared success.

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