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Green Box Exercise

The “Green Box” is really a metaphor for a designated place to keep all your important planning documents so that people then know where to find the ‘box’ in the event of an emergency. In my business group, we actually purchased green file boxes to gather the documents below. Don’t be intimidated by this list of documents! It doesn’t have to happen all at once; you can chip away at this over time. I personally feel that the “Letters” are some of the most important documents that you include along with the copies of your will, Power of Attorney (POA) and Health Care Directive (HCD), so I suggest starting with the letters, after your legal documents are completed.

I would also like to share link to a great online tool to help you gather all the estate documents you need in one place, in case you can’t find a bright green box around your house.

  1. Letter to your spouse

  2. Letter to each child

  3. Letter to your executor(s)

  4. Name of funeral home to be used

  5. Burial information (place, special instructions, etc.)

  6. List of personal and business people that should be contacted in the event of passing (including executor)

  7. Copy of will

  8. Instructions not addressed in will

  9. List of mementos and to whom you’d like them given

  10. Copies of POA and HCD documents

  11. Copy of passport, birth certificate

  12. Copy of all credit cards

  13. Copy of physical property titles

  14. Personal stock portfolio information

  15. Details of Life insurance- personal and company owned

  16. Details of all other insurance

  17. List of trusted advisors and their roles such as lawyer, accountant, etc.

  18. Copies of personal property valuations (Jewelry, guns, collectables, etc)

  19. Computer passwords (or where to find)

  20. Personal financial statement

  21. Extra passport photos

  22. Medical/dental charts If you are still actively operating business(es):

  23. Organizational chart

  24. List of 5 most important employees in the company & their strengths/weaknesses

  25. Off balance sheet deals

  26. Deals in process and evaluation of them

  27. Strategy that you are thinking about but haven’t told anybody about

  28. List of trusted advisors and their roles (may or may not be currently working with company) such as lawyer, accountant, etc.

  29. Copy of Shareholder Agreement(s)

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