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The Future of You


AUTHOR by The Legacy Wealth Coach Network(Author), William A. Barill(Author), Daniel Barill(Author), Mayur Dalal(Author), John M. Dankovich(Author), Chuck Ebersole(Author), W. Duke Grkovic(Author), Denice Gustin-Piazza(Author), Scott D.C. Harris(Author), Thomas P. Holland(Author)


SYNOPSIS What is the single most important indicator of wealth? Hint: It isn’t your assets, your bottom line, your bank account, or your list of valuables. In fact, a true definition of wealth extends far, far beyond the numbers. Unfortunately, most advisors ask the wrong questions, leaving their clients’ wealth unprotected and their plans incomplete. The Future of You redefines wealth and challenges the traditional approach to planning so that your financial and legacy plans embody your unique values.


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