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Blackwood at the 2024 FEC Symposium

Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) is the national organization in Canada supporting family enterprises and certifying Family Enterprise Advisors. The organization brings together enterprising families and certified FEAs in one community. Through advocacy, education, and resources, FEC exists to see that Canadian family businesses thrive.

Gerry Meyer, Blackwood Faculty and FEC Board Director
Gerry Meyer

Gerry Meyer, Blackwood Faculty member and FEC Board Director, recently participated in the search for FEC’s new CEO, Steve Beauchesne. Blackwood is excited about this next chapter for FEC, under Steve’s leadership. Steve’s proven skills in strategic planning and relationship development will be essential to the continued growth and relevance of FEC.

One of the amazing things FEC does for enterprising families and advisors is host its annual Symposium. The 2024 Symposium was recently held in Calgary, Alberta. The theme for Symposium 2024 was Impact, explored through many lenses, including mental health, sustainability, and AI.

As members of FEC, most of Blackwood’s faculty and advisors attended the Symposium, contributing to the learning and knowledge sharing throughout the event. Blackwood is especially proud of these team members for helping make Symposium 2024 a success:

  • As the event emcee, Senior Advisor Steve Legler helped keep the symposium on track.  Many FEC families and advisors have gotten to know Steve through his blog, which you can check out here.

  • Patrick O’Connor, Blackwood founding partner, collaborated with a panel of advisors from diverse fields of expertise for Guiding the Family at the Crossroads of Continuity.  The panel immersed attending families in a thought-provoking case study depicting a family wrestling with succession.

  • Dr. Moira Somers, founding partner shared her renowned skills as a Neuropsychologist speaking to families about Well-Being: What Enterprise-Owning Families Need to Know. Dr. Somers also led a session for advisors who wanted to improve their skills in helping enterprising families manage transitions. 

Contact us to learn more about the topics Blackwood presented on at the 2024 FEC Symposium, or how FEC and Blackwood can help your enterprising family.

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