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Blackwood Faculty Announcement

Blackwood Family Enterprise Solutions, a family enterprise advisory services leader, is

proud to introduce three new faculty members to our team. Each one is an expert in

their specialty domain. Blackwood faculty work collaboratively with our advisors,

equipping enterprise families to address their unique challenges. Our faculty also play

an essential role in Blackwood’s commitment to be a Deliberately Developmental

Organization . In order for Blackwood to help our enterprising families learn and grow, we must continuously learn and grow. Our faculty are an integral part of our development and


Dr. Sharilyn Hale

Dr. Hale is a recognized expert in family governance and philanthropy. As a speaker,

author, advisor, and teacher, she helps enterprising families channel their wealth and

influence for good worldwide.

Click here for Sharilyn’s biography.

Gerry Meyer

Gerry is a Vancouver-based Family Enterprise Advisor with over 40 years of experience

as a practitioner and advisor in all aspects of business. He brings specific expertise to

enterprising families requiring governance solutions, development of the rising

generation, and optimization of family and organizational culture and structures.

Click here for Gerry’s biography.

Tim Gillespie

Tim is a Chartered Financial Analyst and most recently served as Executive Vice

President and Head of ATB Financial; Corporate Financial Services Division. Tim’s

expertise in the finance industry spans multiple sectors and includes international


Click here for Tim’s biography.

We are equally proud of the rest of the Blackwood Faculty Team:

Darren Rawson & Mary Cameron

Darren and Mary are principals of Ozone Advisory Group, which is dedicated to helping

private companies create high-performance governance. They help companies

appreciate the value a great board can have in ensuring the productivity and success of

an organization.

Click here for Darren’s biography. Click here for Mary’s biography.

Gena Rotstein & Richard Ouellette

Gena and Richard founded Karma & Cents, a social impact lab dedicated to helping

philanthropic families solve wicked social problems. As entrepreneurs of the “Rising

Generation,” Gena and Richard help people look at wealth from a social and financial


Click here for Gena's Biography. Click here for Richard's biography.

When you work with Blackwood, you work with our entire team of advisors and

faculty. Each faculty member brings unparalleled knowledge and experience in

navigating the unique needs of enterprising families.

“The vision to serve families via a coast-to-coast-to-coast Family
Enterprise firm is one that can only come to fruition with skilled and
passionate companions for the journey. The combined expertise we can
offer enterprising families in unparalleled.”
Dr. Moira Somers, CLO

PhotoPhotos of Blackwood Faculty members
Blackwood Faculty

Join us on LinkedIn for future posts highlighting the expertise of our talented team of

advisors and faculty.

Click here to learn how the Blackwood team can help your family enterprise create

lasting harmony.

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