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Don Steele

Senior Advisor


Don Steele leverages over 30 years of experience at top Canadian banks, including RBC and BMO, where he worked to help clients realize their financial goals and improve business effectiveness. Over the course of his career, Don has developed expertise in diverse areas including personal and commercial banking, investments and portfolio management, financial reporting and planning, structured finance, credit and market risk, and capital management. A strategic problem solver, Don has a deep passion for engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders to develop and implement customized and sustainable solutions to complex financial issues. With Blackwood, Don has found a unique opportunity to apply his extensive skills and experience, supporting business families as they prepare for the future and build their legacies.

Helping enterprising families realize their vision.

As part of a large family with a long history of entrepreneurship, Don understands first-hand the dynamics of family businesses. With the Blackwood team, he is living a career dream to help families define their vision, realize their aspirations, and secure multi-generational prosperity. Don brings wisdom, experience, compassion, and a proactive approach to his engagements and is driven to build the trust of his clients’ families as a valued partner in their ongoing success.

Collaborating to succeed.

Collaborative effectiveness is key to Don’s approach. While this has enabled him to achieve excellence in client partnership and financial management, he has also brought this ethos to other passions in his life: performing and competing with pipe bands nationally and internationally, and rowing in crews that have won gold at the Royal Canadian Henley and other regattas.

First and foremost, Don is a proud father, grandfather, brother, and son, deeply connected to the meaning and importance of family.

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